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From the mind of award-winning writer, illustrator and executive producer, Mariano Nicieza, comes a sci-fi, action-adventure opus for comic book lovers everywhere… PHAZER UNIVERSE. Who is Phazer, Agent Three Zero, Blackray and Blue Sultan? The answers and unique collectibles from top artists and creators are here!

Between life and death, time and space, stands an ancient, alien menace that seeks to end human civilization. Four ultra-powered individuals are Earth’s last, best hope for victory!




Agent Three Zero- Deborah Valentine is a tough military-ops specialist with a state-of- the-art battlesuit that puts her on the front-line of an alien war on Earth.

Blackray- Hai Chén is the Captain of the Oceanspear, an advanced-technology submarine, and an amphibian with incredible underwater powers.

Blue Sultan- A world-wide wanted terrorist of mysterious origins, he pursues the secret of the new power source, Alpha-Zachyon energy, for sinister purposes.

Phazer- Scientist Mark Moreno, the victim of a sabotaged experiment with Alpha-Zachyon energy, uncontrollably shifts through time as his altered molecular structure manifests infinite different super-powers.


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A Message from Mariano Nicieza

“It’s truly exciting and extremely gratifying to be partnered with Liquid Avatar and Oasis!  The Apex Comics Group characters have come to life in prose-novels, comic books, trading cards and posters; Avatars, Augmented Reality, and cinematic NFTs will propel these characters to brand new levels!” stated Mariano Nicieza, Apex Comics Group President and creator of Phazer Universe.

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